Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sing Praises Unto God

If you have ever sat near me in services you know I can’t carry a tune, but I love to sing. I have often thought of taking singing lessons. That is not going to happen. When no one is looking, I can belt out a song.

A great song can change my mood immediately. When I am doing things around the house most of the time I have music on. Country, old rock and roll or smooth jazz are my favorites.

If I am writing, either there is no music on or I use Pandora and go for my smooth jazz. The music is soft and gentle enough to let my mind wonder with my story. When I am sewing it is always up beat music of some kind. If I am cooking or cleaning it is normally country music. If I need to really whip through the house getting things done, then I go for the old rock and roll.

Some days I don’t feel like doing anything or hearing anything. You know those days. When you pull the covers up twice more than you should and the guilt is lying heavy on your mind because you know there are things to be accomplished that you are responsible for. Like the laundry, taking something out of the freezer for dinner, grocery shopping and the list could go on.

One day not to long ago I was having one of those days. Just couldn’t get moving and I did not want to vacuum. I don’t know why, just didn’t want to do it. I kept doing other things and procrastinating about getting that stupid vacuum cleaner out and getting it done. Finally, I couldn’t put it off any longer. I went to the closet and lugged the big monstrosity out, plugged it in and started the task. 

We all look like this when
we vacuum don't we?
A few minutes into my chore my mind started to wonder, which it does often, I hate to admit. This time it went down a really great path. How blessed I am to have a house to clean. Trying to keep my mind on that path, I started to sing. No one was home and the vacuum was going so I knew no one would hear me. At the top my lungs I belted out “I am blessed, I am blessed, I am oh so blessed to have a home to clean”.

Yes I officially had lost my mind while vacuuming the house. This went on for a while and I’m sure I added other verses in there about being blessed. I have no idea where the tune came from and I’m sure it changed often.

Room to room I went praising God for my home and the blessing I had of keeping it clean.

As I rounded one of the corners heading into another room, there stood my husband watching me. He had a big smile on his face. I turned off the vacuum and we both laughed. I explained to him my situation and that I was just trying to get through something I didn’t want to do and make the best of it, praising God while I was doing it. The Bible tells us to sing praises to God and I surely was.

Psalm 147:7
Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving.

So today as you go about your day doing whatever it is that makes up your list of things to do, sing praises to God. Who knows, someone just might catch you and you can put a smile on their face.

May God Bless.