Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Creating Pleasures

by Lillian Humphries

I love hosting a good party. Sometimes I like just to through a few things together and hope for the best, but sometimes I love to really put on the Ritz. This past couple of weeks I was planning for Easter dinner at our house. I searched Pinterest for all the cute decorations and tasty treats that the grand children would enjoy. I had such fun preparing everything. The only problem with having a picture in your mind is sometimes it does not translate to my hands during the creation time. However, this year I was successful. There was only one fail and that was the big white cardboard Easter egg that I put a ribbon on. I didn’t buy the wire ribbon and the bow just laid there like a wet noodle.

I made rice crispy treats in pastels, layered and cut then placed on lollipop sticks wrapped with cellophane and tied with a bow. Easter bark filled with chocolate and candies, Cheetos in cake

decorating bags that looked like carrots and egg shaped sugar cookies decorated so precise that Martha Stewart would have been proud of me. Homemade yeast rolls that were the bomb and topped it off with butter piped into little swirls. Did I go over the top, you bet I did.

All that was wonderful and I loved the faces of my family as I showed off my talents waiting for the accolade’s that would follow, maybe not one of my most humble moments.

There was a lot of energy put into the preparation of the event. In the evenings I was exhausted from all the planning and creating. I wonder how God felt about creating the universe and all that is in it. How excited He must have been of all His creations. So proud and pleased. The beauty across the universe, the trees, flowers, animals and then saved the best for last – humans.

My mind can’t comprehend anything near that grand. The pleasure our Father must have felt in the beginning surely was overwhelming.

Do you give our Father the accolades that you do others? Do praise Him and thank Him for the beauty all around us? Spring time is a wonderful time of year to see His beauty unfold. Praise and thank God today.