Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What Ever Happened to Modesty?

I know I am an old lady, that is OK, I get that.  But what has happened to any sort of modesty in this world?  I can't turn on the TV without being bombarded with almost completely naked people, espeically women.  Sure they put a little flag over their breasts and private parts, but what makes people think that the curve of a woman's back into her hip is not sexy.  Some of the most sexy scences I have seen in movies or read in books are where the writer tells you how sexy it is without saying the words. 

Romance is sexy ladies.  Imagination is sexy.  The mystery of the unseen is sexy.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO SHOW YOUR NAKED BODY!

Evidently you do not realize you are God's child and God does not approve of being immodest. Come on girls, you really do need to think more of yourself than to show it all off.  You are better than that.  Try being different for a change, dress modestly. Dressing modestly is fun, beautiful and alluring.  There is nothing more beautiful than a self confident woman dressed appropriately and holding herself in God's light.

Please ladies, think highly of yourself and dress appropriately.