Thursday, December 19, 2013

“Oh, it’s good enough for Wednesday”

This article has been on my heart for some time, almost a year now.  I am talking to myself in this one, not at anyone so please remember that as you read it.
 I was getting ready for Bible study one Wednesday evening and had been doing stuff around the house.  Finally 5 minutes before it was time to leave I decided it was time to change my clothes.  I was changing my clothes and looked in the mirror and said, “Oh, it’s good enough for Wednesday”.  That thought has not left my mind.  What am I thinking? It is good enough for Wednesday!!!  This is God I am going to see (I know He is everywhere)!  I also know that God will take us as we are.  Sinners that we are, homeless, broken, pieces of shattered clay, we can come to Him in any physical or mental state and He loves us, as long as we come to Him.  I know this!!
But don’t you think God appreciates us putting some effort into how we present ourselves to Him?  I know it is not necessary, but if we can get dressed up to go out, or dressed up to go to work, don’t you think we can get dressed up to go worship and praise our Lord?  It just seems like sometimes we don’t put any effort into things anymore. 
 Remember growing up with your “Sunday” clothes.  Mom would always say, don’t get your Sunday clothes dirty, or save that dress for Sunday and special occasions.  Aren’t the ability and the pleasure that we have in worshiping our Father in heaven a special occasion?  It is to me, and I want to start being that way more.  I want to start taking more time getting ready to worship my Father in heaven.  This would include being physically and mentally ready to worship.  Going to worship with a song in my heart, the Lord on my mind, and extra special attention given to what I put on my body.
 God wants our best and wants the best for us, so I’m going to try harder.  Don’t expect to see me in one of the fancy hats though, because I don’t look good in hats, wish I could, but just can’t pull it off.   :)
Praise God!!